Week 16. New Realities


For me this very powerful lesson is my favourite, although I love them all..

The most commonly accepted definition made by wealth is that it consists of all useful and agreeable things which possess exchange value.. it is this exchange value which is the predominant characteristic of wealth..  This exchange value makes it a medium for securing the things of real value whereby our ideals may be realized…

With such an ideal in mind, the ways and means will be provided, as long as there is a fixed definite purpose, an ideal..  Thought is the plastic material with which we build images of our growing conception of life. As in all other things our ability to recognize it and use it properly is the necessary condition for attainment…

We can form our own mental images, through our own interior processes of thought regardless of the thoughts of others, regardless of exterior conditions, regardless of environment of every kind, and it is by the exercise of this power that we can control our destiny, body, mind and soul…

The vitality depends upon the feeling with which the thought is impregnated. If the thought is constructive, it will possess vitality; it will have life, it will grow, developed, expand, it will be creative; it will attach to itself everything necessary for its complete development… Thought and feeling is the irresistibly combination…

That being said, I’m not sure I always attach enough feelings to thoughts of my New Reality… This is where I use the Law Of Practice…  “Say it with FEELINGS and ENTHUSIASM” as Mark says… I can hear Mark now in my mind…  How exciting..!





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