Press Release

Interviewed by Joan Rivers. For “How’d you get so Rich” TV show

Joan: Who’s the rich ______________ that lives here in this mansion between Leonardo Decaprio and Kaeno Reeves….???? Laughing…!!

Lets find out….

Knock Knock….

Me: Hi Joan I’m Rita grandchamp. Very Honored to see you. What brings you to my neighbourhood.

Joan: Very nice to meet you Rita.. I was curious as to who lives in this large mansion in the Hollywood Hills.. You have very Famous neighbours.. Rita can you show me around?

Me: Sure Joan. This is a 7600 square foot Italian Villa. There are 5 bedrooms. There is a theatre room. And a tennis court. We have complete views from downtown Los Angeles to Malibu. This is the Great Room..

Joan: It’s Huge but very warm.. I love this bridge between the kitchen and the Great room with the pool running under it.

Me: Yes Joan you can swim from outside to the kitchen and then down to the jacuzzi in the bathroom.

Joan: That is really awesome! There is one thing on my mind and that is Which Room has the best view of Leonardo’s house.. Laughing…!!

Me: Laughing out loud…! Follow me Joan I will take you to the kitchen, can you see that window just across there.?. that is his bedroom Joan….

Joan: THAT is Leonardo’s BEDROOM!!!! Holding her chest….!!! She’s opening her jacket to flash him… Laughing she says he just closed his curtains….

Me: Laughing out loud…. !!

Joan: So tell me Rita how did you get so rich.? You must have done something great to live here….

Me: Joan would you believe I used to clean toilets.. Laughing!! Living on my husbands small pension that did not even cover the rent… I had to do what I could… Working for someone else wasn’t an option for me.. I wanted to decide my own salary. Then one day my friend came over with a business opportunity that I knew would be my vehicle to freedom… It was both easy and difficult because I could not duplicate myself.. Until my dear Friend Roz talked to me about The Master Key Mastermind Aliance. This taught me the skills I needed to grow as a person and how to build teams that build teams… This course changed my life Joan… It taught me to focus on fundamentals.. When the economy dipped. It was great! Now it’s the real deal! The well trained survive and everyone else gets punished. Then people are more open.

Joan: So you got rich with your Network Marketing Business.??

Me: Yes I made tons of money Joan!! Huge amounts after I learned the skills.. Now I coach people all over the world, so I get to do what I love … traveling…. I have been all over the world helping people and making great friends.. I just got back from a trip to the Amalfy coast in Italy with my friends… We aranged for a personal boat tour around the Ilse of Capri… We drank champagne as we toured around the coast. It was amazing…!

Joan: Sound wonderful, can I come next time??? Laughing… I can bring the champagne….

Me: Sure you can Joan.. would love to have you… Really Joan being rich was never on my list… but I love to give half to different charities.. That is real joy… I need to give back Joan… At my age I have to, I’m closer to God….

Joan: Laughing….!

Me: Laughing….!

Thanks for coming by my friend…

In merory on Joan Rivers …. I loved her on that show…